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NOTE: 2020-2021 Scholarships have been suspended due to COVID-19 international travel restrictions. Wherever possible, these will be replaced by Brio's donations to wildlife sanctuaries and programs to rewild animal habitats. 

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For restless teens who love animals, Pip and her twin Pax have dream jobs as trainee Zookeepers. But when a Zoo accident confines Pip to a hospital room, she transforms her brother’s reports about the animals she misses into a wild and hilarious adventure story that changes hearts and futures!

The Great Brassmonkey Bay Jewel Robbery is full of irresistible characters whose riotous antics help their friends understand what freedom means on a shared planet.

Brio Multimedia,

ISBN 9 781098 322175

(c) 2020 Sydney, Australia

​Gig Harbor, WA, USA