Ken Marcure taught in Japan for 35 years after a Rotary Scholarship helped him realize his dream to complete his MA study  in Kyoto.

He believed education lights the path to global good citizenship.

His legacy supports young teachers who want to foster education and  friendships between people from all countries of the world.

A passionate advocate  for enviromental awareness, Ken also supported programs to nurture our shared planet and all its life forms.  

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meet some of the young teachers whose international teaching goals were supported by Brio Multimedia scholarships


Tim Seversen

Lea Christiansen

Megan Croke

"My scholarship made me conscious that my interaction with students should be more inclusive. I think I treated students more equally as a result of the experience. The students acted like kids anywhere, no matter whether they came from India, Pakistan, Bhutan, or Africa."

"India, where I chose to go, is wonderfully rich, and even if at times it was very busy and a little overwhelming, I think it made me more compassionate, more aware."

"People who want to break down barriers between cultures—those are the kinds of people who would get the most out of doing their student teaching internationally." 

Tim Seversen, Brio Scholar 2017